Savannah, Georgia


Hip Hop Artist / Minister

Zion is on a quest to draw all men to Christ!  He is a passionate minister and an awesome artist whose focus and desire is to win lost souls at any cost.  At the start of his quest to serve and follow Christ, he personally experienced the conviction of the Holy Spirit and realized he had been called to preach the Gospel. 

In July of 1997, he preached his first sermon and was licensed into ministry. In October 2002, he expanded his ministry and began using his gift as a Gospel Rap artist. Since then God has enabled him to travel nationally, teaching and ministering the Word through this dynamic medium.


Born December 22, 1977 in Savannah, Ga. to Mr. and Mrs. Harold Edwards, Sr., Zion (Harold Edwards, Jr.) grew up with a strong moral foundation. In spite of this, he strayed during his adolescence. In 1994 Harold Edwards Sr., a man with many vices accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior. The reality of his conversion greatly affected Zion.

Over a period of time the light of Christ that shined from his father's living began to convince the young man of the reality of Jesus Christ. In August 1996, after a discussion about God at his grandmother's house, and on his way home, the Lord convicted his heart. Alone, in a dark bedroom, Zion knelt at his bedside, repented of sins and asked Jesus to save him. His life has never been the same.

In 2003, Let the Truth Be Known’, was birthed. The project was recognized in 2004 with a Holy Hip Hop Artist of the Year award from Savannah’s Gospel 1230 WSOK Gospel Music awards.  ‘Truth’ was followed by ‘Field of Dreams’ in 2005. When Zion signed with New Mind Records in 2007, it was determined that the CD had so much more to give which caused it to be re-released under the title ‘Let Me In’.  

A deal with CLG distribution soon followed that venture. 2007 was filled with favor as the young minister’s video, ‘He Was There for Me’ debuted on BET’s ‘Video Gospel’. He was also featured on ‘Mixx Master’s Lounge’ (Urban talk/music programming) and awarded Holy Hip Hop Artist of the Year for a second time by 1230 WSOK Gospel Music Awards.

Since then Zion has released two more cd projects, an ep entitled Trouble and his latest work entitled Bury Me released nationally in 2011. Zion, self dubbed “the Realest Believer” was also included in the Holy Hip Hop Vol. 4 CD entitled ‘Taking the Gospel to the Streets’.

In a time where apostasy and postmodernism views are raging, in a time where societies choice of music has become its primary source of direction, and in a time where religion, tradition, and success have become more dear to some than attempting to win the lost by any means necessary... arises a Voice


Proclaiming the Name of Jesus is still the mission!!

To contact Zion email him at ZionIam912@gmail.com