Young Bro


Hip Hop Artist

This young man’s childhood wasn’t the best, but Young Bro always loved music and decided at the age of 12 he wanted to be a artist. His dad was locked up and on drugs, and very much in and out of his younger years as a child.

As years went by his mother decided to up and leave Young Bro and his sibling with his father who at the time was still addicted to drugs. Heart broken to know his mother left and wasn’t coming back as years went on Young Bro turned to drugs and alcohol and violence.

But that didn’t stop Young Bro, he was still making music while putting all his hurt and pain into it. In the midst of all that, knowing he was going to be a father at the age of 14 was a lot of pressure as well as finding out the mother of his child went into labor at 23 weeks and was told his daughter wasn’t going to make it and if so she will not be able to see or walk.

As of today she is 10 years old healthy and strong with no health problems. Amazing! Even though Young Bro didn’t see God’s work at that time he was still lost in drugs and alcohol and became incarcerated in 2012 facing a felony charge up to 20 years in prison. While in his cell a brother in Christ seen he was hurt and lost and began speaking light and truth into him.

He was so overwhelmed by the simplicity of the gospel he decided that day he wanted a change and gave his life to Christ.

He is very thankful for the things he’s been through and the man he is today, he stated "God was molding me the whole time throughout my life and I am very blessed to be alive with a wonderful support team, loving family, a wonderful wife and two beautiful little girls. 

“Glory to God!! I am just a vessel doing the lords work. I don’t want y’all to see me, I want y’all to see Christ and know if he can change my life he can change yours, the Lord does nothing in vain.”


Speaking life into all the world.

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