Xplicit Truth

Texas, USA


Hip Hop Artist

Kyle Wishon aka Xplicit Truth has always loved music. Xplicit got on the drug train early in life and was smoking a blunt and chugging a 40 by the time he was in middle school. He was in drum line in High school, but didn't last long. He dropped out / OD'd out of school and that's when it got real. Anything and everything available, he was gonna try it. And before he knew it there were tracks running up his arm & he was tweaking out of his mind. Kyle eventually got straight with the help of his newly wed Wife Alba. He has 5 kids, the most recent being THEIR first. Xplicit puts up bill boards all over Texas for a living and makes music on the side for now. His dream is to make it big, but he believes he will be just as blessed if he could simply support his family with his craft and passion if nothing more.


Royal Flush




Jesus, Family, Fishing, Tattoos & Hunting!!

To contact Xplicit Truth email him at XplicitTruthManagement@gmail.com