FKA Blood Stayn'D - Montezuma, Kansas

Hip Hop Artist

Wiebe formally know as Blood Stayn'D started on his escapade into the drug lifestyle at 16. It went from smoking weed to sniffing cocaine and popping shrooms. Around the age of 17 he was diagnosed with cancer.

Not knowing if he would live long he knew that his life needed a change but his addiction to getting high kept him from doing so.

That is untill one Sunday afternoon in March of 2009 after dealing with depression and being in and out of jail, Wiebe felt convicted to run no longer. His brother, cousin and himself decided to surrender thier lives to Jesus Christ.

From then on he began rapping and has then since released 5 albums.

If u don't have Jesus u have nothing. To Him all the glory.

To contact Wiebe email him at bloodstaynd.jw@gmail.com