Auckland, New Zealand


Melodic Deathcore

Vanguard began as an idea at the tail end of 2013. Two passionate metal guitarists, Andy Mack and Cam Sitters, came together with a fervent desire to spread the gospel through heavy music.

In February of 2014, drummer Andrew Rush joined the band, and shortly after this Jared Kerr - a member of an old band of Cam's - joined as the bassist.

Before long, Daniel Lett became the tour de force on vocals and together this 5 piece desired to bring a message of hope through adversity, of the power of Christ in the bleakest situations, through the medium of melodic deathcore.

Says Cam, "we know the traps that the enemy lays for teenagers and young adults in today's world. Particularly in the metal scene, people suffer - often in silence - with depression, substance abuse as a means of escapism, and a whole host of other issues. They are literally caught in the mouth of the lion. We want to spread a message of hope that we find in Christ, who frees us from the lion's jaw."

Indeed, the band's frontman Daniel has a powerful testimony of this very redemption from a life of substance abuse to one pursuing after God at bible college.

Vanguard hopes to be a strident force for good in the heavy metal scene of Auckland, New Zealand.

Jared Kerr - Bass        

Andrew Rush - Drums

Cam Sitters - Guitar        

Andy Mack - Guitar

Daniel Lett - Vocals

Bring freedom to those trapped in the mouth of the lion.

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