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The history of U.G.D. Entertainment started in 2004 from a couch at Nuborne’s house in Eugene, Oregon as A-NON sat brainstorming ideas for a name to call their rap group. After a couple hours it hit A-NON and Underground Disciplez was born. A-NON said, “The name Underground because we weren’t commercially releasing music, and Disciplez because we were followers of Christ that got our word out.”

Over time more of their homiez wanted to do music as well and be a part of the group, so at that point A-NON & Nuborne decided to change U.G.D. from a group name to a label name “Underground Disciplez Entertainment” so everyone could be a part. Unfortunately, over time U.G.D. began to focus less and less on the music and more and more on the streets. Dope dealing & consumption, money and guns became the main focus as they were losing sight of God and their talents. As the member numbers grew, U.G.D. turned more into a clique and used music as a cover up.  

After about a year of that A-NON was at rock bottom. Broke, homeless, couch surfing and not to mention had formed a serious addiction to methamphetamines. At A-NON’s breaking point he was sent a blessing.  That blessing was a lady he had never met that happened to be driving from Eugene to Portland the next day. A-NON decided to ask if he could ride with her and she agreed. A-NON planned on locating his mother that at the time was in outpatient treatment. He hoped that her being in a program could help him get clean and back on track. 

From there A-NON got with his now wife of over a decade and took her son under his wing. The next few years (2005-2008) went by as A-NON established himself as a working man, a father and husband. Around 2008, A-NON started working on a new album titled “Break Em Off” that was released in 2009. By then A-NON was already working on a new album titled “U.G.D Boss” that was set to release in 2010.

With the release of “U.G.D Boss” A-NON started getting interest from local artists in the 503 area that wanted to join his label. In 2010 A-NON officially established U.G.D. Entertainment as an entertainment company in the state of Oregon, and started taking on contracts with artists.

From 2010-2015 A-NON’s side of U.G.D. also known as “U.G.D. 503” released Burn-Out’s “Luminosity” album, The HeavyWeights mixtape, The U.G.D. Affiliates “No Competition” album, A-NON’s mixtape, Que’s “Street Politics” album, Bibster’s “BioHazard” album, PumaWest’s mixtape, Knock’s mixtape and A-NON’s “My City” album.

ESCO & Big D (The HeavyWeights) did over 100 shows in less than a year putting in major effort to help elevate the label. A-NON & ESCO (The U.G.D. Affiliates) did fewer shows but consisted of headliners such as 3-6 Mafia, Yukmouth, DJ Quik, Celly Cel, Luni Coleone, A.P. 9 and other large venues. A-NON also performed at shows with headliners such as Twista, Bizzy Bone, E-40, Twisted Insane and many others.

A-NON spent 2012-2015 working on his album “My City”. Set to be a monumental album release for U.G.D. Entertainment as well as the Pacific Northwest. “My City” had big name features such as Bizzy Bone, YukMouth, Spice 1, Luni Coleone, Cool Nutz & More. What separated these features from other artists getting these features was the fact that A-NON didn’t want the music done by E-Mail, but he wanted to personally work with them. So when they came through Portland for shows he made sure the promoter (Redneck Soldier) brought them to A-NON’s home studio to record for the “My City” project.

A huge (or key) pivotal point in A-NON’s life occurred in 2015-2016. He felt a void inside him that just wasn’t being filled. The previous few years he had worked with a Gospel R&B singer named J-Right.  J-Right wasn’t signed to U.G.D. at that time but came solely to A-NON for studio time. J-Right is also an ordained minister and during these studio sessions he would constantly remind A-NON that God was speaking to him about A-NON. Something finally clicked in A-NON’s head and he realized that void he had been feeling could only be filled by Christ. 

The fire was lit early 2015 in A-NON’s heart when he wrote the award winning song “Where Do I Go”. At that point A-NON decided to stop writing secular rap music and only write positive or Christian rap.  “Secular means non-religious.” 

“My City” was released on Christmas of 2015. Being at that time A-NON was no longer writing secular music, he still wanted to promote “My City” for the fact he spent so much time and money making the project.  The promoting of “My City” only lasted a few months before A-NON stopped it all together and focused on a joint album with J-Right titled “Church Robes/Street Clothes”.

A-NON’s new vision of success for his company came to him through a phone call with J-Right.  While in conversation J-Right mentioned U.G.D. possibly standing for “Under God Disciplez” as a Christian sub label of Underground Disciplez. A-NON was all for it. The goal behind this is that Underground Disciplez would be the main label reserved for secular artists that want to be a part of the U.G.D. Movement but are not Christian rappers or singers. And “Under God Disciplez” will be the sub label reserved for Christian artists. The motto is “Come as you are” so that all the artists know they can be themselves without judgment by anyone that’s part of U.G.D. Entertainment. A-NON said, “Ever since then everything is slowly moving into place, as we remember that we work on God’s time and God’s time is always on time.”

U.G.D. Entertainment has partnered with OmniGod Music Group in hopes to bring as much light to this dark world as humanly possible through music and entertainment!!



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