Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Hip Hop Artist

Born on August 1, 1990 in Maryland, Truth grew up with his Mother and Brother when his parents split at age two.His Father lived just North of Pittsburgh, so he was constantly going back and forth between Maryland and PA.


Unfortunately, his father was an addict. Therefore, he was raised more so by his grandparents when he was in PA to see his father. In fact, Truth watched his father throw his life away over drugs and alcohol only to end in jail. 

Truth turned to ink and paper when he was thirteen to sort through his emotions and express how he was feeling. Writing played a vital role in relieving the pain and angst he dealt with as he wasn't comfortable speaking about his emotions. 

He found it difficult to find a connection even at school; throughout High School he'd get into trouble and simply be outcast without a single adult taking him under his wing. He was suspended or expelled more often than he was actually in attendance.

Ultimately, this lack of connection pulled him onto the same path as his father. At 15, he was getting high and drunk with his dad, and dealing with a number of other problems. Finally, he was caught on a robbery charge and sent to a Juvenile facility until he turned 18.


Throughout his time in Juvie, he continued to write, and found music as motivation to stay strong, busy, and out of trouble. Nonetheless, after being released to his grandparents, he was lulled back into the streets. He loved the street life even though it landed him in jail on more than one occasion. Music reamined on his mind regardless, as though he knew it would eventually become a greater part of his life. 

Eventually, Truth felt like a lost cause; drugs and jail were over-taking his life, and he realized that he was hurting his family and friends as well. He needed a break, and eventually turned his life around by the grace of Jesus. He began ministering to help others who came from a similar background.

Music and writing continued to burn in him with such passion that he chose the name "Truth" so that he can provide real music and real life. The vision for his music is to let people know that they're not alone. His intention is to build others up, "It's not about me," he says, " It's about the people in the community."

He wants to reach out in a positive way, and provide hope through his gifts. He feels that music is power, and he plans to use it to inspire others to better themselves. He asks, "Why waste it or use it for the wrong things?" Music controls each generation and he plans to be the one to encourage and motivate.




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