Triple Thr33


Hip Hop Artist / Kingdom Muzic Minister

Kurtis Hoppie aka Triple Thr33 is a member of Kingdom Muzic and lives in the North West of Washington State. Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada he lost his father at the age of 5. His mom worked 5 days a week leaving him and his brother to fend for themselves most of the time.

He was bullied all through highschool and fell in to a life of depression. This lead to a life of Sex, Drugs and rock & roll and destroyed any chances he had at living a normal life because he had lost his identity.

At the age of 24 his friend showed him the bible. The way his friends eyes lit up as he read this Giant book intrigued Triple Thr33.

Ultimately that moment ended up leading him to Christ. When he found Jesus he found the father that he never had. He found Purpose and Hope.

Jesus changed my life and I believe there is power in the name, and in the Spirit of Jesus. I wish to live out my life for the Glory of the Most High God. Jesus.


It's All About Jesus.

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