Trip C

Tha Block Bishop

Jackson, Mississippi


Hip Hop Artist

V.CARDELL STEWART (born December 24,1977), also known as TRiP-C THA' BLOCK Bi$HOP; is an American online personality best known as the host of Southern Flame Tv shown on YouTube.


Stewart was born and raised in Southside Minneapolis,Minnesota. As a youth he would listen to the local MPLS radio station KMOJ. And every Saturday they had a segment title "The Hip-Hop Shop". That was where he then fell in love with HiP-Hop likes such as Rakim, Too Short, UGK, Ice Cube, & Scarface, amongst others. Stewart began forming his own craft and writing his own raps over time with dreams of being a rapper.

As a teenager Stewart was drawn to the streets  and the environment he was in and began selling drugs. A "petty hustler" as he would call it. And dropped out of school and became part of a local street organization at that time.  After numerous brushes with death and the law his parents sent him South to Mississippi to live with his aunt. At that point he was slowed down and found salvation in God.

During this time he saw many things in the church that didn't agree with what was actually written in the Bible. So through personal study he deals with God on his level of understanding,  and not what man teaches to be so. 

He began working as a merchandiser for Pepsi and with his charisma and hard work became a supervisor within his first 90 days. There meeting a co- worker Harold Lyle they then became friends and grew closer over a four year period. Lyle produced music as a hobby on the side and owned his own studio and they began working together on a few songs. At this time Stewart was trying to do his own style of music he calls "Gospel & Gutta Muzic". It was hood but with a message Stewart states proudly.  


Lyle then began doin music videos and came up with an idea for doin a talk show and he approached Stewart with the idea. Immediately Stewart agreed and found a passion that he had not yet discovered in himself and they are now building a platform with Southern Flame Tv to showcase talent in their local area and abroad. After the first interview of Southern Flame Tv. They as well as others saw that Stewart was a natural in front of the camera. And with Lyle behind the scenes working magic, they together are creating a buzz throughout the Southern Region with Southern Flame Tv.

Stewart and Lyle share ownership of  Southern Flame Tv   With interviews with Jermaine Jackson  of the Jackson 5,singer Latoiya Williams who's worked on multiple movie soundtracks such as the Wash, Soul Plane and Anthony Hamiltons album along with others.Stewart also has interviewed "Freeway" Ricky Ross, which is an American convicted drug trafficker best known for the "drug empire" that he presided over in Los Angeles, California, in the early 1980s whom superstar rapper Rick Ross has pattern his image and name after.

During the process of recording Southern Flame Tv  Stewart was moved again to return to his first love. Music. After rededicating his life to God, Stewart has started on his first album "DELAY OF GAME" which has been independently released on his own label THA ALMIGHTY GASMOB EMPIRE with several singles and videos on YouTube to promote the album such as SEARCHN' FT Will Gatlin, Badhand, Hold you Down and his biggest hit to date God 1st, Go Hard ft. Pyrexx & Hollywood Luck. 




Gods Anointed Soldiers Making Other Believers

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