Orlando, Florida


Official OmniGod Music Group Artist

Who is Titus? Formerly known to the music scene as Rocwell - emerging as one of the newest Christian Hip Hop artists with an elaborate testimony. A Florida native residing in Orlando he has a distinctive sound, a demanding presence, and an energy that is magnetic to his fans. 

Titus has transitioned his life, music, and focus toward a more spiritually positive platform. He has followed the footsteps of Grammy winning artist Lecrae and has covered grounds while planting some serious seeds with his debut single titled, "Crown".  This very attractive first release, featuring the talents of Grammy songwriter and singer Andre "GC" Fennell, is one that you cannot deny.  The two capture some of the toughest times for Titus, a conversation with GOD, his views on current times, and a heavenly chorus layered in the perfect layouts of good music.

Titus Wrapped up his debut album in 2016 titled "Godspeed" which featured an up and coming Dillon Chase, Blanco as well as a few surprises who were mentioned in the Christian hip hop arena. as The creator of “Cool Christians," an organization for those who live and celebrate their ways through Christ, encouraging an open relationship – Titus has many goals and tasks which focus on our younger generations. showing he is More than just the music. he is also a powerful guest speaker, man of GOD and humanitarian to the public. 

I assure you that in some way fashion or experience Titus will leave his imprint on your hearts and minds as he embraces his purpose to the people as a child of GOD, obedient student and presence in Christian communities. 


To contact Titus email him at BookOmniGod@gmail.com