The Saving

Miami, Florida



The Saving is a one man solo project by Andres Ortiz. Andre got into playing music right before going at the high school. He played in bands as a drummer throughout high school, and became a Christian senior year.


 Soon after quit he quit his band started The Saving as the lead singer and songwriter but it was an actual band with people.

It didn't go much of anywhere then about a year later it disbanded temporarily.

Andres Joined another band as their singer. About three or four years later he decided to start up The Saving again but Andres couldn't find any more band members to play with so again hemade it a solo project.

It's really a ministry for people to get to hear the gospel through heavy music, but it's a studio project since Andres as of now has never played a show with any of the material. Despite this, his project The Saving has a growing fanbase and is becoming more well known in the Christian Hardcore Underground community.


"I May be but a youth, but God is Stronger than all of you!"

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