Trell Lewis "The General"


Artist / Founder of A-G-N Ministries

Trell lewis the general is a singer/rapper/songwriter and has a natural talent for both . Born in 1974 in oklahoma city , oklahoma where he was raised . He comes from a very talented and musical family ; both sides ( his mother and father ) of his family are music driven . Trell discovered a passion for music at an early age . he began writing songs at the age of 14 . By the time he was 16 he began singing with some of his buddies from high school when they formed a soul and r&b group "joose" . at the age 21 "joose" caught the eye of national recording artist and actress Queen Latifah , who signed his band "joose" and took them under her wing and executive produce their self titled album "joose" 

Trell has always had a strong calling on his life to preach the gospel , coming from a family of 9 preachers its seem hard to continue running from the call . After a long battle with himself he accepted his calling into ministry where he promised God he would preach his word and help lead the lost to Christ . In 2004 Trell formed A-G-N Ministries where he begin working on music again when it was prophesied where he would help change rap , this confused trell him being a singer , a year later the General was born representing the forgotten generation speaking their language and only their language . A-G-N Ministries is a street ministry that focuses on outreach ministry MATT 28 : 19-20 , in 2007 Trell met Sevin of HOGMOB and after an in depth conversation he and A-G-N Ministries began walking under the umbrella of HOGMOB Ministries . Trell Lewis The General is christian hip hop act with a hint of r&b that has a biblical message and is geared for the streets .


I am a soldier in the Army of God!!

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