Terms of Use


OmniGod Music Group Inc ("OmniGod", "we", "our" or "us") operates OmniGod®, a place where artists and ministries come to promote, connect, discover and share. Showcasing artists/ministers and their work, OmniGod gives real people access to a massive digital music and video library. With roots in music and social, the platform is built to empower the Christian artist—from musicians, designers and writers, to photographers, preachers and teachers—helping them connect with audiences, collaborators and partners to achieve their goals. Through an elite design, compelling editorial features and a look like no other site, OmniGod fosters a creative community of artists who connect around mutual affinity and inspiration for the purpose of shaping, sharing and discovering what’s next in The Kingdom.

All artists must keep a Godly reputation. This includes sexual immorality, drug use, alcohol abuse and/or any crimes deemed harmful to one or another's ministry. If any artist is found to be using illicit drugs and/or abusing alcohol it will be grounds for removal of profile(s), video(s), music and any other existing link(s).

We do not charge artists or ministries to have profiles or to be promoted, therefore, the only thing we request is permission to upload music, videos and artwork to our channels.

We have a YouTube channel that we upload videos to frequently. All we ask in return for free services is permission to upload through certain channels.

All music to be displayed for fans on each page is uploaded to the OmniGod Music channel on SoundCloud.com.

As for selling your music through OmniGod, we are an official distributor and are no longer allowing purchase links outside of "our" company to be displayed on our channels. We would love to make your music available to our fanbase and our percentage of each sale is very fair and lower than most other distribution companies. To submit your music for review to be sold on OmniGod, please email songs, track list and artwork to OmniGodMusic@gmail.com.

We offer many services for free to artists with profiles on OmniGod, however, not all services are free. Some of these services include distribution, music for sale, graphic design, apparel, videography, photography, beat production, track mixing, mastering and features from various artists with profiles on OmniGod. For information on each of these services you may either email us at OmniGodMusic@gmail.com or contact the various staff and artists found throughout the site.

For any other information and/or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at OmniGodMusic@gmail.com.