I remember when I first started taking an interest in Christian Hip Hop.

My first experience was hearing Lecrae and Trip Lee. Shortly after them it was Bizzle and the whole God Over Money crew. I was hooked from the first moment I heard it. I knew I had to really dive in. 

My wife and I decided to go to an event. It was my first but definitely not my last. We went to the Swyne Flu Tour in Dallas. The tour featured Bizzle as well as some local artists from Dallas and Fort Worth. Artists I now know as friends and family. One artist I had heard of but never really paid attention to was Sevin.


I watched grown men on their knees worshiping as this Man of God began to minister through music. I was both in awe of God's handy work as well as the way the crowd reacted.

My wife was instantly connected to his words not because of his presence but because of the truth he spoke.

Most often a first glance at this quiet but loudly out-spoken Man of God would have you automatically think the worst but he is far from what you might think at first. Sevin is the founder and leader of HogMob Ministries. HogMob is an acronym for "Hook'd On God, Ministry Ova Bizness" and it is a global ministry that has changed lives across every stage they have stepped on. Known for their realistic content and transparent content HogMob is the type of ministry that doesn’t shy away from the dark corners of the earth.


On the contrary that’s what they aim for. With 15 years in the ministry as well as more than 30 albums under his belt Sevin has his eyes set on being the catalyst of positive change in the less than favorable communities. Sevin uses every gift given to him. Whether it be singing, rap, or playing the keyboard, as a means of reaching the lost.

Music is not a priority in this camp so much as a way of connecting. That is what he does. Born and raised in Sacramento, California Sevin has seen his share of gangs, drug abuse and depression. Dealing with thoughts of suicide, Sevin took the road God laid out for him and starting working towards change. Hurt by the way the streets kept taking lives, Sevin created a way for others like him to escape that life and find one better. 

Leading a ministry of gifted and like-minded individuals, Sevin is paving a way for gang members and drug addicts to find healing.


His mission is simple, "Love God, Love people, and Affect Change in the environment that has devoured so many of his loved ones."

When you meet Sevin, you know he is real about his work and life in Christ. With no signs of allowing the evil in this world to win Sevin found his safe place at the foot of the cross.

Sevin has an album out called "I'll Wait" which is packed with beautiful music. One song that touches my soul every time is called "Safest Place." Please take a moment to watch below!!

Sevin's story shows that no matter where you are, God has proven to be the "Safest Place" for us.


Phillip Rosas is an Executive Writer for OmniGod Music