Kanya Sesser - No Legs, No Limits


Kanya Sesser - No Legs, No Limits

Kanya Sesser could be described as strong, courageous, and daring. In fact, she is nothing short of all of these. I was sent her YouTube link called "Whatever it Takes". That’s where I became inspired by her willingness to overcome all odds.


The title of this is "No legs, No Limits" which is her reminder that every day has its ups and downs but there is no limit to what Kanya Sesser can accomplish. Born in Pak Chong, Thailand on September 13 ,1992 without legs, Kanya was abandoned on the front porch of a buddhist temple when she was only one week old. The monks watched over her for a year. It was then that she was transferred to a hospital in Bangkok. At age 5, she found her forever family in Portland, Oregon.

Fast forward years later, Kanya is an extreme sports fanatic. She models for some of the most popular sports-wear brand names. She has trained for the 2018 Paralympics and she shows no signs of stopping there. Kanya has paved the way for all disabled women in the same situation.

Kanya is not only a model but is skilled in many sports such as skate boarding, mino skiing and more. She has pushed herself despite having no legs, continually learning to adapt to everyday challenges. When asked about her fears in life she gives the best answer, "I think fighting through fear is one of the biggest things".


From someone who has had to overcome her own fears and move mountains to get to where she is I think it's safe to say that Kanya has managed to fight valiantly. She overcomes fear by pushing herself which is where she came up with "No Legs, No Limits."  She often tells herself, "Yourself as a person is your soul, keep going."

I was personally inspired by this spotlight. She had every reason to quit and give up, yet never did.

Jesus also had reasons to give up, facing 40 days in the woods fasting and trusting God the devil threw everything at him. Jesus was weak and hungry while being tempted by the devil. Yet, Jesus spoke with rebuke and refused to be tried by the devil.


Kanya's story has a way of showing all of us that life is about triumph and faithfulness. She stayed true to who she was and didn’t let the ups and downs of life throw her off. She stayed above the mountain instead of letting it block her. I found a quote that reminds me of both Jesus and Kanya .

"A challenge only becomes an obstacle when you bow to it."

This led me to research scripture on overcoming and running the race. I found my answer in Hebrews 12:1-3, 1 Corinthians 9:24, and Romans 5:3-5. Hebrews is where I found exactly what I was looking for here. "Let us run with perseverance the race marked for us." Hebrews 12:1. I think this speaks a lot about a person and the path God has set for us.

It is up to us to overcome and rightfully stand in victory when we accomplish goals despite anything that comes our way. Life is hard but there are no limits to what we can overcome. When something takes the legs out from under you.....you have a choice, give up and give in or speak victory over your pain and suffering. And always remember "No Legs, No Limits." 


Phillip Rosas is an Executive Writer for OmniGod Music



Safest Place


Safest Place

I remember when I first started taking an interest in Christian Hip Hop.

My first experience was hearing Lecrae and Trip Lee. Shortly after them it was Bizzle and the whole God Over Money crew. I was hooked from the first moment I heard it. I knew I had to really dive in. 

My wife and I decided to go to an event. It was my first but definitely not my last. We went to the Swyne Flu Tour in Dallas. The tour featured Bizzle as well as some local artists from Dallas and Fort Worth. Artists I now know as friends and family. One artist I had heard of but never really paid attention to was Sevin.


I watched grown men on their knees worshiping as this Man of God began to minister through music. I was both in awe of God's handy work as well as the way the crowd reacted.

My wife was instantly connected to his words not because of his presence but because of the truth he spoke.

Most often a first glance at this quiet but loudly out-spoken Man of God would have you automatically think the worst but he is far from what you might think at first. Sevin is the founder and leader of HogMob Ministries. HogMob is an acronym for "Hook'd On God, Ministry Ova Bizness" and it is a global ministry that has changed lives across every stage they have stepped on. Known for their realistic content and transparent content HogMob is the type of ministry that doesn’t shy away from the dark corners of the earth.


On the contrary that’s what they aim for. With 15 years in the ministry as well as more than 30 albums under his belt Sevin has his eyes set on being the catalyst of positive change in the less than favorable communities. Sevin uses every gift given to him. Whether it be singing, rap, or playing the keyboard, as a means of reaching the lost.

Music is not a priority in this camp so much as a way of connecting. That is what he does. Born and raised in Sacramento, California Sevin has seen his share of gangs, drug abuse and depression. Dealing with thoughts of suicide, Sevin took the road God laid out for him and starting working towards change. Hurt by the way the streets kept taking lives, Sevin created a way for others like him to escape that life and find one better. 

Leading a ministry of gifted and like-minded individuals, Sevin is paving a way for gang members and drug addicts to find healing.


His mission is simple, "Love God, Love people, and Affect Change in the environment that has devoured so many of his loved ones."

When you meet Sevin, you know he is real about his work and life in Christ. With no signs of allowing the evil in this world to win Sevin found his safe place at the foot of the cross.

Sevin has an album out called "I'll Wait" which is packed with beautiful music. One song that touches my soul every time is called "Safest Place." Please take a moment to watch below!!

Sevin's story shows that no matter where you are, God has proven to be the "Safest Place" for us.


Phillip Rosas is an Executive Writer for OmniGod Music



I'll Wait

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I'll Wait

I wasn’t surprised when I read my next spotlight testimony which is why I titled it "I'll wait.”  Upon reading it I was both inspired and on fire for God. This is why.

Ruby, growing up in a huge family in the middle of nowhere, was raised in the church. She attended Sundays and Wednesdays as well as getting involved in youth events. Essentially becoming a Christian and through that life change she committed her abstinence to God, vowing she would wait until she was married. Trusting God to deliver the right man into her life, Ruby was willing to wait.

After high school she didn’t want to go to college. She decided to take a year off and pursue other passions but kept in mind that she would eventually have to go. Moving to Pittsburgh with her older sister Crystal they both attended the Art Institute. It was her introduction into the world that would prove to be life changing.

Throughout her time in Pittsburgh, Ruby got to see the world from a new perspective. She saw some of her closest friends break commitments and promises that she thought would be held dear for all of life. This made her question her own beliefs. Could she remain pure? What did her decisions mean for her life?


Upon graduation, with a degree in photography, Ruby wanted to explore more of the world as well as get away from her sister so she moved to Fort Worth, TX to live with her aunt and uncle.

This was the time where her beliefs became a question of whether she truly believed or was it just something her family taught her to believe. Having conversations with other women in her life, Ruby wondered what it meant to be a Woman of God.

Even seeing her life around her change and adapt to the world she stood firm to her childhood commitment. She knew she wanted God in her life.

A high school friend joined Ruby in Texas and they eventually made their way to Spokane, WA. Her time spent there was where her commitments were truly tested. Having dealt with the feeling of being alone, being approached by married men and the thought of a man not wanting her for who she truly was as well as her ability to not give in completely made her feel tempted beyond normality, but God held her together. He taught her that loneliness and hardships were not going to make Him leave her side bringing to life a scripture she memorized as a child "I can do All things through Christ that strengthens me" Philippians 4:13.

Two years after moving, she knew it was time to move back to the East Coast again. With changes happening in her family, siblings getting engaged and her grandma passing away, she knew she was needed there. She moved back to Pittsburgh with her sister, until her sister got married. Then her sisters husband and her switched places. This was the first time in her life that she had ever lived by herself.


Living alone made her realize it would be nice to be married but also showed the beauty of being single. It was a fantastic time to seek more of God and live her life fully.  She was talking with some guys but they were not pursuing her so she decided in August 2013 to actively seek more of God. This was when God acted in a whole new way and she got her first phone call from her soon to be husband.

God kept the two of them in each others lives continually confirming the friendship they had. She told Steven that she wasn’t going to kiss him, he having no problems with that asked about dating. Ruby asked if he wanted to meet her parents and he said yes. The rest was a beautiful snowball. They were engaged by Thanksgiving, married at the end of January 2014 and they had their baby girl in September 2014. Ruby knew that God had truly blessed her.

She knew that her husbands calling was music and watching him grow has been a roller coaster that they continue to let God control. Through the storms and test of time they formed and created OmniGod Music. Seeing the impact that OmniGod has on the world as well as the unique interactions and communications, has made for an incredible experience. Using her photography degree to bless the ministry has proved to be a God thing. Ruby is also the Content Manager of OmniGod Music. This is the way that she keeps things cleaned up and organized. Her part is essential to the operations at OmniGod Music.


Moving forward Ruby is reaching out to other women in ministry. Knowing that facing different paths is something that happens to all of us, but we are all here for God's purpose and we are victorious.

So whether you are an artist, girlfriend, a wife or just a friend. Ruby wants all to reach out to her. She wants to be a joyful encouragement to you! Through OmniGod Music we are an army reaching out for the world around us. No matter what remember you are a Conqueror.

Her husbands favorite question is "Did you ever think that you would be married to an Ex-con, Former gang banging, womanizing thug?

Ruby replies with this "When Steven asks the question about who I thought I would marry, I can tell you growing up I probably didn’t even have those words in my vocabulary. Looking at it now and continually having God confirm things in His unique way, I am sure that I am right where God wants me to be. Learning about street life and hip hop in a whole new way every day.”


I can tell you as a writer and a small piece in this ministry, Ruby has been every bit of the Godly woman she is known to be. Her part in the ministry plays a huge part in what we do. I titled this the way I did because of her commitment to God.

Waiting for the right man to come into her life was faith driven. She didn’t let the world change her beliefs and she was blessed for that. This is why Ruby Williams is a perfect spotlight.

Her constant loyalty to God paved a way for her path that God created. We thank you for all you do and for all you are to us here at OmniGod Music. 



Phillip Rosas is an Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.


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A Call To Overcome


A Call To Overcome

Christopher Patten grew up in Arlington, TX with his dad and step mom. His mom lives in Granbury, TX.

Early on he struggled with turmoil and ridicule about his weight. His step mom would attack him with a multitude of verbal assaults. As a result, Christopher dealt with anger, depression and confusion as a child. Thoughts of suicide entered his mind. Trying to escape the hell he was living in he would visit his mom and siblings during the summer in Granbury. It was there that he saw his mom deal with drug addiction. As a mother that was sexually abused as a child her only coping method was drugs.


In 5th grade Christopher cut ties with his mom. Then a year later his step mother left his dad. Due to his fathers absence while not taking the split well he felt abandoned.

In the pain of it all he began to cry out to God.

Reconnecting with his mother he discussed with his dad the decision to relocate to his moms house. While living with his mother he was still a witness to his mothers mental and physical abuse. He went to court and moved in with his grandparents. At this time he got into a bit of legal trouble and looking at felony charge Christopher was facing a juvenile facility. Being blessed with a second chance he got inner school suspension. Never being able to let go of the lust, drugs, and drink Christopher still spiraled out of control.


An invitation from his friends Taylor and Callie to attend church allowed his life to take a turn for the better. Being witness to sermons that pulled at his emotions and worship music that soon began to open up his heart to hearing Gods voice he took Gods lead giving his all to Him.

As a freshman he was called to preach knowing he was meant for more. In 2016 he got involved in a student led rally. He and his friends recently led "Converge," an event that brought Christ into the hearts of thousands of students lives. He is also a co-creator of Slain clothing brand along with his friend Ben.


“Converge” is a youth led rally set up by different ministries that “Revive” students lead. It is a yearly event created to minister particularly to students. “Revive” is a non profit student led ministry created by students who aren't satisfied with the status quo of the mediocre church and faith that can be common today. They desire to see their entire generation set on fire as well as awakened to the true faith and love of God. Christopher preaches and leads worship at “Revive.”  

Through “Revive” they organize events around town to bring other students and adults to the cross. “Slain” is a line of clothing that helps with these ministries as well as allowing anyone to wear the message of Jesus.


I personally sought out Christopher as my first spotlight segment recipient because of his moms love and pride for her son. His will to overcome and be a light in a town that I grew up in. His fight and testimony reminded me of 1 Peter 5:10 "and the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast."

We here at OmniGod thank you Christopher for your fire and will to want to change lives where you see them.


Phillip Rosas is an Executive Writer for OmniGod Music.