Detroit, Michigan


Hip Hop Artist

Billy Longo, a.k.a Spiritual, is from the rough streets of Southwest Detroit. Billy always had something for Jesus Christ ever since a young age. His family never taught him to go to church, the majority of his relatives didn't even believe, but Billy just seemed to have a seed inside him spreading the Lord's love.

Around the age of 14, Billy got locked up in a juvenile detention center and later on he was sent to a punk prison to do 4 years of his teenage life for messing with gang members. He was stealing cars and breaking into buildings because of the anger that built up inside him due to how his family was.

Billy's father was never around, but when he was, he was high on heroin and would beat Billy's mother. His mother was a dancer for money, and a prostitute along with his aunts. The majority of them still do drugs and roam the streets. Billy, around the age of 19, was released from the detention center and faded out of the gospel hip hop scene.

He got into the dirty rap industry and began talking about the wrong things he had done and the traumatising experiences of his childhood through his music. Billy was beginning to be seen by scouts and big A&Rs from the music industry.

Billy's career began, and he started doing songs with big entertainers in the industry such as Young Bleed from No Limit Records (Master P).

Billy finally understood his calling and said he would never go back to secular music. That's when he completely stopped messing with the music industry for a while. Billy eventually began working and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and has never rapped since. His hard work started paying off and he is now signed with ConCrete Record Label, a gospel hip hop/gospel soul/etc. label based in Detroit, Michigan.


Truly Humbled Under God

To contact Spiritual email him at musicisconcrete@gmail.com