Fleetwood, United Kingdom


OmniGod Music Group Artist / General of Hog Mob United Kingdom

Sherlock grew up in Fleetwood, a small town in Lancashire, U.K. He was raised by his single mum and had a good upbringing.

Despite this at an early age drugs and alcohol got ahold of him. A downward spiral of crime and the street life left Sherlock feeling like there was no hope.

He was either going to end up dead or in prison.

In a desperate place he reached out for help from a friend who pointed him to Jesus and The Bible.

Sherlock was hesitant at first, but as he reached out to God, God reached back and things started to change drastically.

God has shown Sherlock that He has great plans for his life!

O.G. Mobbin!!

Foreva Mobbin!!

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