Sacramento, California


Leader of Hog Mob Ministries / Urban Missionary

God Over Money Artist

Over 15 years in the game and showing NO signs of slowing down, Sacramento native Sevin is determined to be a catalyst of positive change for his lost and dying generation. Known for his graphic yet realistic content and transparency, Sevin’s music touches the core of human emotion as well as conviction.


Sevin has released more music than almost any other artists in the world with a discography of over 30 albums. Along with being a prolific writer and dynamic live performer, Sevin raps, sings, plays keys, and is a community activist and a captivating public speaker.

Raised in the gang-infested streets of Sacramento, CA by God-fearing parents, Sevin has experienced the best and worst of both worlds.

Seeing much of the hypocrisy of the modern “Christian” church as a child, Sevin left disgusted and hostile towards any idea of God or religion. His hardened heart eventually resulted in a full renouncement of the Christian faith and a lack of any desire or even acknowledgment of God at all.

After falling into the gang life as a member of mid-town Sacramento’s Oak Park Bloods, multiple failed suicide attempts prompted by clinical depression, suffering many criminal consequences, major drug/alchohol addiction that caused an overdose that nearly took his life, & fighting the after effects of psychological trauma that comes from this life of sin, God changed Sevin’s heart in a dramatic and undeniable way.


Sevin now uses his gift in music to preach the message that saved his life, and his soul, the true and living Gospel of Jesus Christ. The music Sevin creates makes no mistakes about his personal convictions, nor does Sevin make any apologies.

Along with being a prolific artist, Sevin is also the founder/leader of the global discipleship ministry known as HOG MOB (Hook’d On God – Ministry Ova Bizness) and also writes biblical study curriculum books for each of his album releases.

The mission is simple: Love God, Love People, and Effect Change in the environment that has devoured so many of his loved ones.

We hope that you not only enjoy the music, but that you join the cause.

Christ is King!


Studio Albums

  • All or None (1999 and 2001)
  • Evin Angelz Kry (2004)

  • Holy Mictramony (2004 and 2006)

  • Feel me... (2004 and 2006)

  • Father Forgive Me (2005)

  • Sevin presentz : Hog Life : The LP (2005 and 2006)

  • Work of Art : The R&B EP (2007)

  • B 4 I Wake (2007)

  • We Die (2007)

  • Str8 frum tha Dragonz Mouth (2008)

  • Unreleased aka Rezin (2010)

  • HOG MOB : Tha LP (2008)
  • Faith , Love & Lust (2009)

  • Finally Home (2010)

  • Finally Home Vol.2 (2011)

  • Purple Reign (2011)

  • Commissary (2013)

  • Swyne Flu: Epudemic (2014)

  • Pray 4 My Hood (2015)

  • I'll Wait (2015)

  • Purple Heart (2016)

  • Pray 4 My Hood - Church In The Jungle (2017)

  • From The Park To The Palace (2017)

  • Rather Die Than Deny (2018)


4eva Mobn

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