Saved By Skarlet

North Smithfield, Rhode Island


Hard Rock

Saved By Skarlet is a Local Christian-Hard Rock group of four band members. They have contagious passion for music and spreading God's word Through it in an exciting way!

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As a team sold out for Christ, they love to rock out in any shape and form to get our audience moving around and having a goodtime the Band name 'Saved By Skarlet' was derived Isaiah 1:18 and stands to be our motto for 4 years now.

Their  sole-minded goal is to spread the Word of God in a relatable and practical way through thei their original Hard-Rock and Worship songs (As well as covers).

Saved By Skarlet's music isn't cheesy or cheap, it's Authentic and Deep!

They present songs that both engage people's minds , (with flashing lights, fog, bubbles and balloons), as well as their Hearts  through ending our set-list with Worship and a Spoken Word. After a concert with Saved By Skarlet fans always remember who they are and who they represent

Nate Middleton  - Vocals
Matt Middleton - Guitar
Adam Chenier - Drums

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"Fire Inside"

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