Roots Of Tragedy

Sortland, Norway


Atmospheric Metal

√ Official OmniGod Music Group √


Roots of Tragedy is a metalcore/djent-project from the cold forests of North Norway.

The person behind everything is David Sandvik - Disciple of Christ, Musician, Producer, Father and Husband.

Somebody might know him best from when he was the vocalist of In Grief (Bombworks records 2008) and Recreate the Sun (Selftitled EP 2011). But from the year 2012 and until late 2017, there was silence. 

Roots of Tragedy has been around since David got his first guitar and computer. In 2008 there actually was a official R.o.t release called "Awakening beyond" and was released via EEE Recordings. And there were many plans for albums and more to come. But life and its struggles became a reality and made it just a dream. 

BUT now it is GAME ON! 

2 singles officially released this year! You can find it on iTunes, Spotify, Gplay, Amazon, youtube ect. You can buy the singles directly from David @ the R.o.t bandcamp-page. 

And there will be an album coming in 2018!! 

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Let your fear turn to fire

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