Rob Redeemed

St Louis, Missouri


Hip-Hop Artist

Rob Redeemed is an artist out of Saint Louis, Missouri. Rob came on to the scene with his debut project, “Redeemed Obedient Believer”, May of 2012.

This was an album about his redemption. Since then, he has performed at numerous venues across the nation and has been on countless songs as a feature artist.  

While dropping singles such as “No Dayz Off”, “I’m In Love”, and “Gotta Give Him Praise”, Rob Redeemed teamed up with the artist Saved, his good friend and brother in Christ, to bring “Redeemed By The Blood Saved By Grace” the mixtape in 2014.

In November of 2015 Rob dropped his first true studio album “Life Through My Eyes”, The album continued where “Redeemed Obedient Believer” left off while going into giving God the praise he so greatly deserve with songs like “Gotta Give Him Praise”, “So Amazing”, and Celebration to name a few. 

“Life Through My Eyes” is two part type album. It begins with testimony then goes into Prasie. As an artist, my purpose for doing music is to impact lives - not to just have people bobbing their heads.

I want people to really feel where I’m coming from as I pour out my heart on a track. If one person turns from the wrong path and repents and give their life to Jesus Christ, then in my eyes it’s a successful album.

I'm about impacting lives. My passion, sound, and delivery is how I connect with my audience. I feel what sets me apart from another artist is I’m willing to put myself out there so that the next man or woman can learn from my mistakes and not make the same ones I made. ‘I walk it like I talk it. I spit it how I live it’, is a quote that I stand on.

This is not a game for me, it’s my lifestyle. Never will I claim to be perfect. I am progressing. I give God the glory for all He has done for me and I will continue to spread the word of God through my music in order to impact lives”. 

– Rob Redeemed

Rob Redeemed holds no cards as he puts it all on the line for listeners to connect with him. Having already performed/ministered at numerous venues across the nation, Rob Redeemed is letting us know what he stands for: glorifying the Lord through his life and music while telling the world about Jesus Christ. 


" I walk it like I talk it. I spit it how I live it"

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