Rick Judah

Wichita, Kansas


Hip Hop Artist

Ricky Lee Todd Jr. aka Rick Judah born 12/01/89, Wichita Kansas, initially plunged into the realm of music making through his brother’s love for rap music. “When I was younger he was always listening to 2 Pac”.

Judah listened to numerous instrumentals with fellow friends and upcoming ambitious artist. He found himself in trouble in 2008 when he eventually entered his religious conversion. After a small stint incarcerated, Rick Judah started his journey in Christian Hip-Hop. After his release in 2015, he began to search for places to house his sound.

“The first person I encountered when I began searching for studios was PC Patton, he really confirmed what I was doing was meaningful and worth it”. Taking opportunities in between to explore his community by ministering at the Lord’s Diner, a source for underprivileged citizens, Rick continues to record and structure his newly formed label Righteous Records.

Rick Judah continues to develop as an artist as well as spread the gospel through his music. He also goes within his society to expand his ministry organically on the streets. Judah’s debut single and video “Decisions” has been an instant success and follow-up “I Will Serve You” (featuring his own mother) is a powerful record.

He’s been invited to many Christian events outside of his local area to perform and continues to pursue his ministry in music.




To contact Rick Judah email him at servantofthelord120189@gmail.com