Toledo, Ohio

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Melodic Metalcore


It may be easier to begin by saying what Reverie is not. Our goal is not to become the biggest name in music.

We are not in it for the money. We are not in it for the fame. We exist to minister. We strive to be servants and stewards; to carry and fulfill the burden that has been placed upon our hearts.

Our goal is to write music that meets people where they are. No matter how broken, lost, or dark that place may be.

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Reverie is a four piece melodic hardcore band out of Findlay, Ohio made up of Bryson Sherick (vocals), Justin McGough (guitar), Jacob Grimmett (bass, vocals), and Chic Estose (drums).

We mix aggressive riffs and melodic choruses with poetic lyrics to tell a story of a divine Love.

A love that is ready and willing to bring in the lost, the weary, the wandering, and the empty handed.

We invite you to join us on this journey. Welcome to the family.We are Reverie.

Bryson - Vocals

Justin - Guitar

Jacob - Vocals/Bass

Chic- Drums


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“If you were blessed with divine gifts, MUSICALLY! It IS your obligation to share your sound with the world"

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