Jacksonville, Florida


Hip Hop Artist

Michael Anthony Bianconi Jr.  Born May 13, 1985 in Brooksville Florida grew up attending Hernando Christian Academy. He and his mom along with his sister’s attended The Assembly of God church. His mother dedicated him to Jesus when he was born. In 1994, they moved to Jacksonville FL. 

Everything in his life that had been based around God began to crumble one by one right before his eyes at that time.

By 13 he was spoken cigarettes and weed and was very rebellious and angry at God and his parents, and so he turned to the streets.

                                             Remedyskies praising along his path...                                         

                                             Remedyskies praising along his path...                                         

When he was 14 years old he was drugged and raped in his sleep by a grown man. The same man that was looking out for him and a bunch of others. 

He was blinded by the street life, addicted to alcohol and cocaine as a young teen. He never liked rap until he heard 2pac for the first time. It was like as soon as he heard his voice and listened to the words he was saying, everything changed.

    "Hip Hop became my outlet.."   

He began to write poetry and songs about real life. Not just his life, but the situations he seen in others lives as well. 

He thought to himself, if Pac can move me, then I can move people as well. But like Tupac, he was living a thug life and talking about the saving grace of Jesus at the same time. He was a Luke warm Christian for a long time.

By 16, he dropped out of school to embrace his new life as a ganster. Just put it this way, he’s seen and experienced things he wouldn't wish on his worst enemy. 

By 17, he’d been shot at, robbed, cut and crippled by the violence around him many times.

At one point, he began to blame himself, and began to dig a deeper hole. 

He got married in 2015 to his wife. They all rededicated their lives to Christ in 2015. It has been a great journey and learning experience in Christ. Jesus saved their lives and delivered them all from a life of bondage.

Though this walk doesn't happen over night he would not be who he is today if it wasn't for the saving blood of Jesus Christ.  



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