Red Ink Clothing


Long Sleeve - $35

Combo Pack - $100

Short Sleeve - $25

Logo SnapBack - $25

This is the theme that drives Red Ink Clothing, as we wake up every day, and look in the mirror, we should start our day wanting to become a better person that day, then the day before. Our brand is to serve as a reminder, that the old image is dead and gone, and today you can become a new image, or put on a new you. I believe that before you were born, God knew of the plans He had for you. The same is for this brand, this is a brand that started the day I was born, this is more than just a thought, this is a life style. In this brand you will see the pain, hurt, joy, and things I had to overcome, all wrap up in a design, with a message. Our brand lives by four key elements, we are here to Impart, Impact, Inspire, and engage you. To push you forward to become the person, the image that you were created to be. That's where our fourth, and final element comes in before we can inspire you before we can impart greatness into you before we can have an impact on your life, we must Engage you. As we engage you with our clothing brand and its message, we pray that it will become more than just a piece of clothing, we pray it will become a lifestyle, we pray it will be more than just a clothing line, we pray it will become a mission.

G-Child is an artist as well as the owner of Red Ink Clothing