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John Q. Chapple aka QGODFEAR was born and raised in San Francisco, CA’s Bay View Hunters Point area, but spent time with family in the Fillmore, Double Rock, Sunnydale’s Geneva Towers, and Lakeview Districts. Q as he was known on Thomas Street was raised under strict guidance by his late Grand mother Mary Frances Clay as his mother Muriel worked most nights. While living in San Francisco, CA’s diverse community, he naturally soaked up the soulful sounds of Marvin Gaye, Lou Rawls, Ohio Players, Barry White, Smokey Robinson, B.B. King, Eurythmics, Average White Band, Stephanie Mills, Isaace Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Patrice Rushen, Teddy Pendergrass, The Gap Band, Michael Jackson, The Jacksons, BB KING, Mtume, The Sylvers The Isley Brothers, The Temptations, KC & the Sunshine Band, Al Green, MAZE & Frankie Beverly, Culture Club, and in the early 80’s “Planet Rock” by Afrika Bambatta and the Soul Sonic Force, “The Message” by Melle Mell & Grand Master Flash, PAID IN FULL by Eric B & Rakim, JAM ON IT by Nucleus, Kurtis Blow, Run DMC, LL Cool J, Whodini , Public Enemy, Stetsasonic, New Edition, Boogie Down Productions, and local bay area rap groups such as Too Short, NWA, MC Hammer, Rappin 4Tay with Rag Top Productions from Valencia Gardens,Fly Mar, 415, RBL Posse, Tupac, C-BO, E40 & the Click, Brotha Lynch Hung, X-Raided, Ghetto Boys & Scarface to name a few.

As R&B, the Blues and Hip Hop greatly influenced Q, he was passionately moved toward his expression through music and the arts. His mother Muriel , father John, Grandmother Mary Frances Clay and Uncle Myron Clay always pushed individuality, Black Awareness, creativity, leadership, relationship with Jesus Christ, and a strong sense of street knowledge. Muriel with Q in tow was heavily involved in African Dance, Tap Dance & Acting which led to performances in several plays acting alongside Margaret Avery whom played “Shug” Avery in the film “The Color Purple” & Barry Shabaka Henley whom played Herbert Muhammad in the film “ALI” featuring Will Smith, “Collateral” featuring Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx.

As life went on Q and Muriel moved from Bayview, Hunters Point then relocated to Walnut Creek, CA which also began playing a major role in Q’s diverse musical listening. Q began embracing the sounds of The Eurythmics, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Van Halen, Twisted Sister, ZZ TOP, Ozzy Osbourne, and more. This was a true culture shock for Muriel & Q as the african american population at that time may have been as many as 15 blacks in all of Walnut Creek, CA. Q attended Las Lomas High School for his freshman and sophomore years and then attended Acalanes High School in Lafayette, CA for his Junior & Senior year.

During Quincy’s 9th grade school year he recorded his first full length “tape” titled Q-SKI and The Posse inside his bed room, with longtime friends James Baker aka Sir Slim & Chuck Larson. This tape was funded, produced, recorded, manufactured, duplicated, and distributed by Quincy. All tape sales made at Las Lomas High School helped generate nearly $3000 in sales before the principal of the school demanded that they “stop selling that rap” or be kicked out of school. This event made even more students want the Q-SKI & The Posse tape. At this time students began “dubbing the tape” or by today’s terms “bootlegging” and making side money on their own. By the time everyone wanted new music from Q-SKI, he had already spent every dime on Pizza and Cheese burgers for him and his friends. With no future project funding, Q’s talent did not go unnoticed. Over the years this success remained proof to him that he could move any product if he had the “passion” for it.

In 1991 Q became quite political as the injustices in our society became evident. So Q began researching Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Bob Marley’s Music, Black American Struggle in America, & The Black Panther Party which led to further research of J. Edgar Hoover and Cointelpro aka the Counter Intelligence Program. As mainstream music began to influence Quincy he intently listened to KRS-1, X-Clan, PARIS, Public Enemy, Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Speeches, Gil Scott Heron, Askari X and more. As his eye’s began to open even more, he decided to change his rap name to “ The Kracka Jacka” with the conceptualized CD Cover of him holding a pit bull on a Cracker Jack box. Q the Kracka Jacka began to express his new found Militant Mind frame boldly in his music.

He then Co-Produced then recorded the songs “Stand up Black man, Clouded From the Smoke w/ Reece & Destiny, Slave Driver & Black Is In w/ Destiny” at Stan the “GMAN” Keith’s – Find A Way Studios with Production by local group B.L.A.C.K aka The BLACK Experience whom later signed a record deal to Comedian Steve Harvey’s label. During these Studio sessions Q learned a lot about business and how to conduct himself in a studio environment.

In 1992 John Quincy Chapple began heavily smoking weed, selling weed, growing weed and drinking liquor constantly. He began hanging all through the Bay Area hustlin and partying in “Frisco”, Berkeley, East, West, & North Oakland spending years rollin with his Son’s mother Regina, or in Hunters Point with his Childhood Friend Al-Falik. Over time Quincy ultimately found himself “stuck” and truly began calling out to God for help. He wanted God for what he thought he needed and came to know that when you call on God he comes to bring what he knows you need, and that is salvation through his Son Jesus Christ. At this time he began struggling to write songs about the Government or the injustices placed in society as this thinking began to take a back seat to his quickly growing spirituality within.

As Q looked back at his life and began to question his current mind frame, stage name, and spirituality, he was obviously in the midst of transformation. Q began to look deeper into the fast money being made, his possessions, his blessings, Spiritual Warfare surrounding him and his associations with certain people. God had obviously been calling him into a new direction.


John Quincy Chapple stopped smoking marijuana in November 2, 2002 and has not looked back. At this time QGODFEAR is his God given stage name which simply means Q, Fears and Loves GOD. QGODFEAR Produced Holy Hip Hop Services at Ingleside Presbyterian Church in San Francisco, CA on undays for 1 year and for almost 3 years at New Life for Christ in Oakland, CA. On July 15th 2005 QGODFEAR & Pastor Carol Willoughby Produced the “FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GOSPEL EXPLOSION” which has been the largest Northern California Christian Rap event to date featuring over 30 rap Ministries including The Godfear Movement, Agerman, Lee Majors, Turf Ministries, Ice 4 Christ, Suga T , Lil La La, Tha GIM, Prophet X, APX, FLO, NARVELLA, Kontagious Sounds, I-Knight, Cross Carriers and many more. QGODFEAR continues to push a hard-line in the Gospel Rap arena and will not stop until GOD says it’s time. For more on the Life and times of John “QGODFEAR” Chapple and his family aka The GODFEAR MOVEMENT, please purchase his Autobiography titled “THE TRUTH IS NEVER ON TRIAL” right here on www.GODFEARMOVEMENT.com as well as his book entitled “Dreams, Another Way God Speaks”. Please feel free to join our mailing list and read our blog which is updated daily for news, debates, scripture, and controversial topics. Thank you for reading, and may you be blessed by QGODFEAR & THE GODFEAR MOVEMENT Ministry.



To contact Q email him at jqchapple@gmail.com