Hip Hop Artist / Christ Family Hustle Ministries

Born and raised in Oakland, CA Isai Vasquez (Purpxse Of Christ Family Hustle Ministries) was introduced to the street life at a young age even though he grew up within a Christian home. When Isai was 4 his parents were pastoring in Oakland but decided to leave the ministry as they struggled to maintain it. 

Growing up in a violent, gang infested environment, Isai was influenced by his surroundings. He became a product of his environment & was forced to give up his childhood at a young age. At the tender age of 13 he was drifting further into the street life & darkness that came with it. 

He began snorting coke and bought his first gun, quickly becoming a target in the neighborhood he lived in. He wasn't attending school much and by the tenth grade dropped out of high school completely. 

Trying to fit in he ran with the wrong crowd getting into problems in the streets. From being shot at, to having a gun pointed in his face death was chasing Purpxse but little did he know his mothers prayers were protecting him. 

When Isai was 17 he found out he was going to have a daughter and at this point he knew he had to make a change for the better. But it didn't come until he was 19 when he fully surrendered to Christ after being shot at multiple times at point blank range when not one hair on his head was touched. After this traumatic wake up call he knew God was truly watching over him. For God knows the plans he has for us and they are truly not to harm us but to give us hope and a great future (Jeremiah 29:11). Cause as men we always choose our own path but God is the one to direct them! 

Tired of living a life that was displeasing God, Isai reached out to a pastor in Oakland, CA for help. Not long after that God lifted him up to be a youth pastor. A few months down the line he married his soulmate Ester Vasquez (Ms purpxse). They served together for a year and a half as youth ministers. 

Now they are happy members of IGLESIA DE DIOS M.I in Richmond,CA & are growing rapidly in Christ, community & covenant relationships. Isai & Ester's vision is to continue reaching the lost for Jesus in the Bay Area and every surrounding city that God allows, as they live On Purpose For a Purpose!


On purpxse for a purpxse

To contact Purpxse email him at IamPurpxse@gmail.com