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OmniGod Music Group is a highly respected team of musicians, promoters, writers and graphic artists with more than enough experience helping indie rappers, rap groups and bands gain exposure, get radio rotation, play bigger venues, score record deals, reach wider audiences, engage with DJs, feature in blogs, get magazine write-ups and take their careers to the next levels. OmniGod Music was founded on the basis of helping Christian Rap Artists and Christian Bands alike push the envelope and redefine what’s possible within their genre. Today, we have teammates and artists positioned from The United Kingdom to Africa, from Los Angeles to New York City!!

Our constantly growing client portfolio features some of the hottest and most recognizable names in the Christian Rap Industry, ranging from up-and-comers to classic hip-hop heavyweights. Artists OmniGod Music has worked with include:

  • MadeSacred [Pittsburgh]

  • Pyrexx [JMM, Kodak Wyte] [Dallas, Texas]

  • Bryann Trejo [Abilene, Texas]

  • Sevin [Sacramento, California]

  • Illuminate [Richmond, California

  • Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh [Jacksonville, Florida]

  • Reconcile [Houston, Texas]

  • Sherlock [Fleetwood, UK]

  • Set For The Fall [Pinehurst, North Carolina]

  • Buddhakai [Carteret, New Jersey]

  • Tneek [London, England]

  • Holy Loc [Los Angeles, California]

  • Jordan Copas [Johnson City, Tennessee]


At OmniGod Music, we pride ourselves on offering quality promo services for a diverse range of performers at all stages of their musical careers, with a special focus on new artists who are just starting out. We work with solo performers, duos, and rap groups across all different types of hip-hop subgenres and styles. Whether you would describe your sound as alt-rap, West Coast hip-hop, East Coast hip-hop, Southern rap, crunk, gangsta rap, conscious rap, trap music, hardcore, experimental, metal, post-hardcore, death metal, rock, or something completely new and pioneering, our music promotion team can help you make connections, refine your sound, and crush your goals as a performing artist.

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At OmniGod Music, we understand that no two artists have identical needs for developing their career. We work closely with each of our clients to develop a personalized, tailor-made plan that fits your goals, your style, your budget and your career path. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of industry professionals is ready to:

  • Answer all your questions about the music industry.

  • Coach you on best practices for handling interviews, engaging with fans, and interacting with members of the press.

  • Connect you with DJs, A&Rs (artists and repertoire), music journalists, and music venue managers.

  • Develop a targeted, effective strategy for identifying your listeners, broadening your fanbase, and marketing yourself efficiently.

  • Help you get radio airplay and land interviews with staff members at blogs, magazines, and radio stations.

  • Introduce you to industry professionals and help you learn how to network effectively.

  • Manage your budget and finances in a smart, efficient way that gets you the most value.

  • Prepare you for and help you book live gigs and appearances at concerts and festivals.

  • Promote your music effectively on music streaming services and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Spotify, Bandcamp,, and Pinterest.

  • Refine your persona and public image to match the artistic message you want to convey.

  • Teach you about important legal issues like licensing, sampling, and copyright issues.

Music Promotion Services OmniGod Music offers include:

  •  Hip-Hip and/or Rock and Metal Radio Promotion – While online radio stations are becoming more important, commercial radio and college radio are still crucial for maximizing your exposure.
  • Online Promotion for Rappers and Bands – The music industry is increasingly dominated by music blogs, online streaming, and digital storefronts like the iTunes store. You need smart, effective online promo to get views and make yourself pop.

  • Hip-Hop and Metal Festival Promo – Concerts, parties, festivals, and industry events are more than just a good time – they’re a vital part of networking and reaching more listeners. We can help you find and participate in events that match your style and attract your fanbase.

  • Consulting Services for Musicians – Your image and the way you use the media is a big part of your success in the music industry. We’ll help you refine your aesthetic and get the most mileage out of every press engagement and opportunity.

  • International Hip-Hop and Metal Promotion – Whether you’re a U.S. musician who wants to go on tour overseas, or a rapper from abroad who wants to crack the U.S. market, we’ve got the tools and connections to help.


Whether you’re brand new to the music industry or already have some industry experience under your belt, OmniGod Music can elevate your music career and ministry, helping you get to where you want to go as a performing artist.


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