Prince Ray

Conway, Arkansas


Hip Hop Artist

Marshall Ray, known by his stage name Prince Ray, is an American  Chrisitan rapper. He was born and raised in Conway, Arkansas. He has amassed a large Internet following and is a member of Resurrection Music Group, his group of friends that he works with.

His father was not a major part of his childhood, but they are in contact with each other now. Growing up, He began failing classes in the 10th grade. "I started doing badly in every class but English". At the age of 13, Prince Ray was going by the name Rayman because, "One name that really stuck was Rayman".

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In 2015, Prince Ray came out of a seven month relationship while working on his music. "You can put your everything into a relationship, but that doesn't mean you're going to get back what you give. When I created my first mixtape, I realized everything I put in my music — the hours, the lyricism, the time, the grind, pain, sweat, blood, tears — I get it back. "The thing is, I feel like so many artists, well, not really artists but so many people think they can rap and they just want a deal and the glitz and the glamour and the women but they don't understand that all I do and want to do is rhyme... I think I've sacrificed so much from my relationships to my friendships to my family; I've literally sacrificed my entire life and I'm honest".

His inspiration came to his attention to his idol named "NF". An under-ground rapper who came up to mainstream hip-hop. "He was my inspiration that started me rapping all these years". While Prince Ray was in high school he was bullied and treated as a outcast, "It's okay if you don't have alot of friends, it's better to have less than more of what you have".

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All of his sort of friends were dropping out of school, smoking weed, or doing drugs, Prince Ray wasn't that type of kid to do those types of things. "People perceive me as a good kid, but im not perfect. We all make mistakes." "The reason i write music is so i can motivate people to go the right path and to follow God". 

When he was 6 his parents got into a divorce. His mom passed away in 2016 by sickness. I was there when she died. "I usually take this pain and put it into rhymes so other people can relate to it. I've been through a lot. Music just was there for me when no one else was". 

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"If The World Hates You, Keep In Mind It Hated Me First." Mathew 15:18

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