Lake Charles, Louisiana

Hip Hop Artist

Palace, born Bruce Garner, was born in Dallas Texas. At the age of 8 he and his family packed up and moved to a small “village” in Louisiana named Florien. Obviously there was a huge culture shock in coming from Dallas where it was heavily diverse to moving to a small town in Louisiana where it was segregated. Palace made as many adjustments as he could to fit in and didn’t quite find success in that. At this point, his dad had become a Pastor and his mom played the piano so at  a young age he was becoming involved in church and music. 

By the age of 12, Palace was teaching Sunday school at his church. Struggling with being a kid that was maturing and wanting to gravitate more towards culture, his relationship with the Lord became strained. By the age of 15 he was rebelling and wanted to live a life that he desired. Around the age of 18, while in college, he and a group of friends started making music together. They didn’t take it serious but they still had somewhat of some campus success. 

By the age of 22, after years of fighting with God…he fully committed his life to the Lord. This is around the time when he met his wife and fell in love with the relationship she had with the Lord as well. Around 2013 is when Palace felt God was calling him to represent Him through music and speak truth to a generation. This is when he began to take music serious for the first time.

“I want people to hear my passion for Christ through my music”, said Palace. “I want people to hear that there is a lifestyle attached to the music I do. I want people to hear my music and feel the relationship I have with the Lord”. When asked what do you bring to CHH as an artist, he said, “I don’t think anyone sound like me. Like GS, I believe I have a unique sound and thats what makes me different. I think when people hear my voice, they will know 2 things…1, thats Palace and 2, he loves the lord”!



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