Nu Tone


Kingdom muzic artist / minister / teacher

Antonio Hernandez, also known as "Nu Tone," was born and raised in Stockton, California. His dad abandoned him when he was only three years old, which left his mother working day and night to provide for himself and four siblings. He looked up to the older gangsters as role models, and started mimicking their actions. He eventually got kicked out of the San Joaquin school district for fighting too much. At the age of 16 he started rapping about his new lifestyle and was known as "Filthy Tone." Tone always wanted to make something out of himself. He pursued the fast life of chasing fame, money, and women. He became a promoter along side "Drowzy" a.k.a "Arize." They performed their own shows, and got paid all around the 209. Trying to mask the eternal void deep inside, Tone would always perform drunk. At night he would sleep with his lights on, because he would have demonic encounters. The last encounter he had scared him straight to Jesus. He gave His life to Jesus on January 29, 2011. Three days after He gave His life to God, Tone had a dream with Jesus that changed His life forever. 



He is now happily married and has a two year old daughter. He serves as a teacher for the children at CWC Manteca. He graduated from bible college with a bachelors in Theology. Nu Tone is an ordained minister under Bishop, Steve Perea at CWC Manteca. His goal is to edify the body of Christ, and to reach the lost at all cost. Nu Tone is now spreading the gospel through preaching and Christian Rap. He has a total of four albums for the kingdom of God. He recently joined the brotherhood of Kingdom Muzic and Bryann Trejo. Nu Tone will never compromise with his music. He lives a life of ministry before music, with God always being first.


God got my back!!

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