Nic Beatz


Beat Maker, Producer & CEO of Nic Beatz

Nick beats is a well-rounded and innovative beat maker of 12 years. A musician first (NIC BEATZ) started playing the piano at the age of 11, His 6th-grade music teacher was astonished on how he played music by ear and not reading any music notes. Further along in his career, he collaborated with established artists and producers.

His peers gave him a nickname called (baby Dre) but soon after he crafted his own unique sound with hours of dedication. Nic Beatz always had a knack for learning things on his own. Being self-taught and driven to get things accomplished, he then formed his own brand of music with his group called ''Chosen Flock.'' While managing his group he later turned towards learning the business side and became A&R for major labels.

In 2006 he made his own label called Billionaire Entertainment and UFO TV. His brand became well known and respected. Eager to learn more he became a club promoter. He was fortunate enough to have great mentors who helped ground him into an entrepreneur. Sadly, he experienced a tragic incident in 2007 when his niece was murdered and it was a life-changing event that affected him deeply. 

(NIC BEATZ) was raised in church so it was there that he reverted back to his roots after the horrible tragedy along with his family had to endure. He then developed a personal relationship with God when he made up his mind to change for the better. He was later appointed as minister of music and began working with choirs and preaching the gospel.

Many years later after not producing since 2005, God told him to start making beats again. He now makes innovative beats for various artists around the world. So if you looking for something different then look no further because limitless possibilities are at hand when working with Nick Beatz. He wants to inspire you just as he was inspired to never give up on your dreams no matter how far along you are or where you have come from.



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