Monique De Leon

Los Angeles, California

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International Worship Artist

Born and raised in Southern California, Monique felt the call of God on her life to do worship at the age of 12. With a passion for leading people into the presence of God, Monique has been leading worship since the age of 15.

Her hearts desire is to see the power of God move so strong, that people's lives are forever changed in His presence. She leads worship and sings for church services, youth & college camps and services, rap concerts, conferences and special events. 

She has sung in several countries, such as El Salvador, Peru, Russia, Zimbabwe, Guyana, Mexico, The Philippines, The Bahamas & more.

Monique has a teaching gift also.  She connects well with men and women, but especially to youth. She speaks at Women's Conferences, youth groups, college groups, camps, conferences, seminars, workshops and bible clubs on campuses. 

She has been doing street evangelism since the age of 11, and  leads a Small Group for Young Adults at her church.




To contact Monique email her at