Matthew Balling

Sacramento, California

Hip Hop Artist/Mentor/Minister

Matthew Balling is an inside out mentor with G.A.P. (Gang Awareness & Prevention) who's aim is to break the chains of recidivism in the lives of Sacramento youth and other surrounding cities.

Recently Matthew teamed up with Don't Be Pimped to raise awareness and take a stand against sex-trafficking. When he moved out to Sacramento in 2015 Matthew witnessed the manipulations and exploitation's of pimping and prostitution in his own neighborhood and was compelled with concern to do something about it along side DBP.

He has not only witnessed first hand incarcerated youth, but today's youth culture in general being influenced and marred, and pimped by the numerous media outlets that are so easily accessible for them. 

Matthew fights against the influence of today's media and the tragic pandemic of Human enslavement through his art, music & mentor ship.



Christ is the Life

To contact Matthew email him at