Pittsburgh, PA


Official OmniGod Music Group Dj


!MAKESUMRUCKUS!'s style is mostly based on edm & trap and flows from Big Room (like Martian Garrix) to down tempo (like Kygo).


Edm has always been a passion of his. Whether he was at a party rocking out or just in his room studying, he's always had some sort of edm in his ear. When he listens to this music he feels closer to God. This high energy music lifts !MAKESUMRUCKUS! up to the point to where he feels like he's flying. When he starts thinking about God, he marvels in awe of the things God has created. It's like the harmony of God and the harmony of the music mix together to create something wonderful.  

!MAKESUMRUCKUS! actually did not start making music until he was a sophomore in college. Of course when he first downloaded the software used to create music he had no idea what he was doing. !MAKESUMRUCKUS! started by mashing sounds and notes together until it sounded decent and not off putting. In the beginning, the music he made sounded dreadful and even though when he played it for people he always received positive feedback,  he knew they weren't speaking from the heart. These were the times when !MAKESUMRUCKUS! just wanted to give up and focus on other things rather than music. But every time he would try to stop he would instead feel inspired and hear God telling him that this music was what he was meant to do. God told !MAKESUMRUCKUS! that this is how he wants him to help in His Kingdom, by using his own energy and excitement to energize those around him.

!MAKESUMRUCKUS!'s music is stocked full of heart-pounding beats laced with soul-shaking bass and incredible drops followed with a spirit-piercing synth!!!! 

God has called me to be an EDM battery in His Kingdom!!

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