San Diego, California



Makeshift3 started on December 8, 1995, & their original name was just Makeshift. They began with 3 students from Fallbrook High School in San Diego County.


They were Ryan Coughlin on bass/vocals, Jeff Lascola on guitar/vocals, & Eric Mattson on drums. In September of 1996, Ryan went away to college so Jeff & Eric replaced him with Tyler Bochenek (Eric's cousin).

Makeshift then rebuilt their sound, message, & focus ... along with adding the "3" to Makeshift forming Makeshift3 because of legal issues similar to Blink 182 adding the "182".  Their sound ranges from influences such as Blink 182, Pantera, Pennywise, New Found Glory, Thrice, etc.

They have been on many national tours which included California, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Oklahoma, & New Mexico and have also played on the Vans Warped Tour. They have played with hundreds of bands such as MxPx, Bad Religion, Lagwagon, New Found Glory, Nofx, Good Charlotte, Alkaline Trio, American Hi-Fi, Anti-Flag, Reel Big Fish, Thrice, Slick Shoes, Dogwood, Project 86, etc.


They have had feature articles in magazines, TV interviews, airplay on ESPN, and their music featured on various Warner Bros. TV shows. Their music can be heard on many radio stations throughout the US and several of their songs have been ranked #1 in various genres with over 500,000 listens at 

Their first full length album entitled "Childproof Bug Bombs" was independently released in 1996. They released an EP entitled "Mission Possible" in 1997. Pious Records released their 2nd full length album entitled "Fuel for Life" in 1999. Micah Records released their 3rd full length album entitled "Game Day" in 2001. New School Records released their 4th full length album entitled “Fluorescent Black” in 2005. They've also released material with many other record labels including Tooth & Nail records, for various compilation CD’s including such bands as Thrice, NOFX, Yellowcard, Strung Out, Good Riddance, Slick Shoes, etc. They are currently open to offers from record labels regarding the release of a 5th album.


Jeff Lascola



Eric Mattson



Tyler Bochenek




True Pop Punk Rock Metal

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