Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

C.E.O. of OmniGod Music Group


MadeSacred is a veteran in the game of Hip Hop having been rapping for over 17 years, he has been on the move since 2013. As an artist he is extremely focused on his career & the souls of others.


Each day is considered a blessing by MadeSacred because of where God has brought him out from. Everything he does he does as if there is no tomorrow.

In 2015 MadeSacred and his manager Aidan Littlefield founded OmniGod Music (promotions) and OmniGod Music Group (label) with the intent to push and promote their fellow Christian Hip Hop artists in a way that nobody had ever done before.

"There is definitely competition within CHH and that is what I plan to destroy in Jesus name. I just couldn't stand around watching my brother's and sister's in Christ get pushed around anymore." MadeSacred says of the industry.

MadeSacred is on the path to building the largest record label in history by being different. OmniGod Music is about God's artists first, that's all there is to it.

OmniGod is strictly by the artist for the artist.


Never Stop. Never Quit.

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