LP Lekingson

Buea, Cameroon


Hip Hop Artist


Nkengbu Bordrin aka LP Lekingson, is a Cameroon based artist, song writer, rapper and singer with a heart felt desire to reach out to the world with the love, grace and righteousness of Jesus Christ as well create a positive and influential impact in the life of his listeners.

LP received Christ on the 15th of May-2013 and since then his music has been an instrument in reaching out to a broken world in need of the Savior.

His specialty is speaking on social issues, life experiences, Christian living, Praise and Worship and his relationship with God. And his work is to show Gods Love for the world.

lp lekingson2.jpg

LP has performed in some local shows and competitions and he is well known for his “win-the-crowd over” charisma, his positive and realistic lyrics and his creativity & uniqueness have been noticed by his local fans. As a result of this, many youths come up to him for rap tutorials and mentoring. He aims at recording songs that are appealing to all age groups, irrespective of their faith.

This artiste aspires to get sponsorship opportunists from great and influential companies and individuals who believe in his music and his ability to influence young people to reach their potentials.

Getting signed by a label that believes in him, that is ready and willing to promote his art would be a dream come true. Touring the world and doing what he loves (music and loving God), changing lives and giving hope to the hopeless are thing he strives to achieve.

Making money to provide a good life for his Mom and and younger siblings and living the good life he never lived since the death of his Father are some of his motivations.

Don’t sleep on LP Lekingson!! This young man is full of fire and a hunger to spread the Glory of God throughout the world!!


To contact LP email him at ContactLPLekingson@gmail.com