Living Proof


Hip Hop Artist

Isaac Brown also know as "Living Proof" was born in PA and has been writing hip hop lyrics since the age of 13.

A life in the streets selling drugs and committing robberies detoured his dreams of becoming a hip hop artist. However after an eight year stretch in federal prison he had an encounter with Jesus Christ and decided to uplift the people of God and not tear them down any longer.

Living Proof felt that if he could push drugs in the inner city and communities of The United States of America then he could push Jesus even harder.

He does this by going into the roughest of inner cities and saving souls for Jesus by any means necessary, giving the most cutting edge and in your face Holy Ghost Hip Hop with no compromise.

His mission is to save more souls for Christ than he destroyed while working for the devil, helping deliver people from the grips of hell one soul at a time.


No Compromise!!!!

To contact Living Proof email him at