Lisa Shea


Motivational Speaker

Lisa is a happily married mother of three. She was blessed to be on staff at Love and Respect Ministries for several years. Lisa has a powerful testimony of salvation, redemption and obedience to God’s Word. 

After living through a devastating divorce she gave her life to Christ and re-married. She had the family she always dreamed of, yet found herself spiraling toward divorce a second time. 


Lisa shares this compelling, life-changing story and how the powerful, unchanging promises of God transformed her life. Lisa’s wit and wisdom combine to deliver a captivating message of the freedom you can have when believing and acting upon the truths in God’s Word. 

This knowledge is powerful and Lisa teaches how to replace the lies of the enemy with Biblical truth. It’s an empowering message that will encourage you to live in victory and be all Christ has destined you to be! 

Since God’s dramatic transformation, Lisa has been blessed to lead hundreds of women in Bible studies and has mentored women of all ages. She also speaks passionately on finding true identity in Christ, the power of prayer, and how to walk in the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

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