Miami, Florida


Hip Hop Artist / One Accord Ministries Captain of Miami Branch

Most legends are not honored with their legacy until dead. So when we have the few " Living Legends " amongst us it would only be wise to support their causes while they are " LIVING ".

When Miami former back yard brawlers Dada 5000 and Kimbo Slice BOTH spoke high of fellow fighter Rene " Level " Martinez , it wasn't simply legends giving a shout out to another legend. No. There was something special about to be born out the backyard of Miami's rough streets where maintaining LEGENDARY status was NO EASY LIFE ( MANY so-called notorious upcoming 305 legends lost their legacy once TRUE PRESSURE was applied ! ). How often we hear , " you can take the man out the hood but you can't take the hood out the man " ? Yet , how often do we ACTUALLY " SEE " the man back in the hood?

It takes a walKING testimony to be just that and Level IS THAT WALKING TESTIMONY! Hitting all of Miami's ghettos, this time NOT with the Gangs, Guns nor his hands, but with the hands of the Lord and sword (the Bible) you could meet, greet, pray and study with Level during one of his numerous Street Christian Ministries. Not hiding behind the Church buildings, bringing the Church to the people! Normally " another " preacher in the streets wouldn't be big news. When you have a living legend coming to a hood near you as a humble warrior, spending most of his time and resources for the value of others to serve God , eyes should open ! Level's contribution to community and eyes were not always open. As for local Miami law enforcement and gangbangers , both homie and hater , there was a time ( almost 2 decades worth ) where Level's banger-to-brawling-to-Jesus conversion was questioned.

So what exactly opened his eyes ? Why did he retire after making a MAJOR Pro-MMA career and gym ? Why would he set aside the power of being undisputed leader of one the biggest gangs Miami ever produced ?? And why did he completely stop making music with major gangsta rappers from all over the U.S. ??? Also blessed to be a strong independent Entrepreneur all these questions have eye-opener answers in his upcoming documentary, " THE WARRIOR LEVEL " ( subtitled " The rise of street legend Level Martinez " ) . Though there are uncountable mentions of Level , some authorized by him some not , by both MAJOR news media and minor, in film and written , NONE will have the impact of his life story actually documented by the man himself. He also does numerous volunteer appearances to speak with and or train at-risk youth all over the State of Florida. Bringing the light into the darkness of juvenile facilities and jails , some holding potential lifers, is also one of many passions that Level is active in pursuing.

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I'm a Christian ALL THE WAY!!

To contact LEVEL email him at THEREALLEVEL@gmail.com