Lens of Love


How do we live our lives through the lens of love? Here are some of the best ways to practice.

1. Love God.
2. Love your neighbor like you Love God. 
3. Extend Grace often. 
4. Don't be judgmental. 
5. Be positive. 
6. Do not live in the past, rather embrace today and plan for tomorrow. 
7. Do not be quick to anger and be quick to get back to a calm state of         mind. 
8. Take the time to think of someone else's perspective and why that is       important to them.
9. Fill your hearts with joy and spend time with those important to you. 
10. Have fun in life.
11. Love on a stranger or friend that is in need. 
12. Pray in abundance for wisdom and spiritual discernment.
13. Cherish the good, forget the bad.
14. If you struggle with this area, make it a goal to improve. 
15. Do not be stubborn.

If you have some other examples, please share via the OmniGod Music Group Facebook Page. There are a lot of actions that we can take from this list and in the end, it will improve how you approach ministry, business and life as a whole.

I pray that we all choose to live our lives through the lens of love.