Lead Us Forth

Auckland, New Zealand


Progressive Metalcore

Lead Us Forth is a metal band born in Auckland, New Zealand with a passion for heavy music that holds a melodic edge and a progressive  


influence in its songs. It is forged from a desire to speak out a message of hope and encouragement from a platform of intelligent and intense music.

The band formed in 2010 by vocalist, Kent Hartmann and guitarist, Luke Welten who started writing songs while studying at a performing arts school. 

Common factors that unite humanity are their experiences, their losses, victories, hopes and failures, and within the lyrics of Lead Us Forth lies a resounding call that even in the midst of brokenness and darkness, the light of redemption and purpose can be found in the person of Jesus Christ. The journey of a band endeavouring to take its music to the masses is not a road easy to travel, but it is one that Lead Us Forth has chosen to embark on with resolve and purpose.

Vocals: Kent Hartmann
Lead Guitar: Luke Welten
Rhythm Guitar: Josiah Bovill
Drums: Tom Yates
Bass: Jared Kerr

We are called to stand as one!

To Book Lead Us Forth Email leadusforth@gmail.com