Lady T

Byram, Mississippi


Hip Hop Artist

Urban Christian Artist LaTonya Coleman aka Lady T , once used her gifts and talents to glorify the secular world until she found Christ. She now uses her spiritual gifts and talents to glorify God thru music and ministry.


She is a part of a Urban Christian street ministry team known as “TEAM GO URBAN MINISTRIES” where a group of Men and women of God go out into the streets and spread the gospel thru their musical gifts, dance, and ministry. LaTonya is also a domestic violence survivor and advocate.

Her story is one that many young women can relate to. Her testimony is expressed mostly thru rap, spoken word, and Worship. Her mission is to fulfill the calling that God has placed on her life. That is a calling to go out and draw others to Jesus Christ thru Love. 

LaTonya currently has an upcoming album entitled “EARS HAVE NOT HEARD” that is scheduled to be released Sept 2, 2017. Her hit single LET THE GUITAR SING is currently in rotation at local radio stations in Jackson Mississippi.

She considers herself to be an “urban” Christian Artist because of her hip hop background and culture she grew up in. She doesn’t consider herself just a RAP artist because she articulates the GOSPEL message in her music in various ways.

Sometimes she feels like preaching on a beat, other times she may feel like praising and worshipping on a beat. One thing is for certain is that at ALL times no matter how she may feel she will ALWAYS uplift JESUS CHRIST in her music.



If it aint christ, it aint right

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