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OmniGod Music Group Artist / Kingdom Muzic Artist

Founder of Joseph Mcsweeney Ministries

It’s hard to find a comparison in the music industry to match the raw and limitless talent of Houston rapper Joseph Mcsweeney aka JMM (Formally Known As PyRexx).

Born on November, 4th 1985, JMM was raised in the rugged north side of Houston, Texas where he got caught up in the negative aspects of the streets at a very young age. From fast money & females to being initiated into a street gang at age 16, Joseph was desperately in need of a positive alternative in his life. Due to his love for music, he began to express his musical talent through street cyphers and freestyles. Enjoying the attention he drew, music quickly became a top priority.

In his late teenage years, he served 18 months in the penitentiary. Upon his release in 2005, he became an official member of Trae tha Truth's ABN. He made several mixtape features and music video cameos including Trae's "Swang," “In the Hood” and Lil Boss’s “Gangsta session.” As things began to progress, he fell back into trouble again. He spent 4 years in a Texas State Penitentiary. The drama in his life continued as his mother died of cancer and he discovered he was the father of a baby boy. Being locked up, unable to attend his mother's funeral, and being absent from his son, he spiraled downward. In rebellion, he tattooed his face and began writing hardcore music from expressing his troubled heart from his tiny cell.

In early February of 2011, Joseph was released from prison. He began performing in local bars and clubs with artists such as Yung Redd, Fame Sity, Felony and others. Joseph went on to release his first street single and music video entitled, “Live My Life.” Then he appeared on Trae the Truth's mixtape, “Undisputed” featuring Brian Angel. On Trae’s Street King album, he featured on the smash hit “Strapped Up.” With hundreds of thousands of video views and World Star Hip Hop buzzing over the video, Joseph went on tour with Trae. But after the tour was over, Joseph recorded a controversial song called, “I’m Back” which created division between him and Trae, ultimately leading to his departure from ABN. Nevertheless, relentless and determined, Joseph formed the ThoroughBreadz aka TBZ and begin pushing his independent music harder than ever.

One week before Christmas of 2011, Joseph caught another case and spent 2 months in county jail. As he sat in a jail cell his music video for “I’m Back” hit World Star Hip Hop with over 50,000 views in the first week. Beating his case and back in the free world, Joseph focused all of his time on music. He released the song "Connected," featuring Bubba Sparxxx, created a mixtape and started touring.

It wasn't long before Joseph was back in jail, but this time his life would take a complete turn. Joseph linked up with a volunteer Chaplain in the Harris County jail who was also a Christian rapper named Tre9. Joseph had originally met Tre9 four years prior while incarcerated in the Clements Unit at a Mike Barber Prison Ministry concert. He also had collaborated one year earlier with Tre on "Teach Me Your Ways," which landed on Tre9's Missionary Minded album. Whether it's coincidence or divine intervention, these two men became friends and were destined to do something significant. With Tre's unconditional love, support and mentoring, Joseph rededicated his life to Christ, left his old ways behind and began a new journey that has been the talk of both Christian hip hop and mainstream circles.



Presently, Joseph is making street music to inspire listeners to “follow him as he follows Christ.” He is using his platform and testimony to lead his fans, especially the youth, away from the negativity of the streets and towards spiritual transformation. In January of 2014 Joseph signed a record deal with Rapture Recordz out of Houston Texas, to release his upcoming album entitled, "Born Again Disciple," which is a reflection of the pain in his past, his present conversion and his future life as a believer. His appearance, sound, and rawness remains consistent with the Joseph that fans have grown to love, but now he is equipped with the Spirit of God. Joseph is wiser, highly motivated, and resilient in the pursuit of reaching his dream to touch the world with his music. Watch and listen as he disciples the streets and inspires both young and old with positive life-changing music.


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