King Jims

West London, United Kingdom


Urban Missionary / Hip Hop Artist

King Jims is a rapper from west London making music for the glory of God. He started making music in 2014 shortly after giving his life to Christ as he wanted a way to express his love for Jesus.

Jims used to be a drug user and he loves to share in his music that there is not a high like the one that Jesus gives (having tried both chemicals and spiritual) as there is a lot of music out there these days glorifying drug usage causing a lot of youths to think it is the cool thing to do and then later on paying the price for their actions.


King Jims started off as a solo artist but then met a south London rapper called Fabs in 2015 and they decided to hook up as duo called "The Elect" in 2016 infusing their styles together to bring glory to their Father in heaven.

They both still make solo music and collaborate with other artists but are very focused on what they do as "The Elect".

The goal is to be consistent in the creation of music that glorifies God, motivates the saints and challenges those that don't yet know Jesus. That don't yet know that they are also "The Elect".


It's all for God!

To contact King Jims email him at