Washington D.C.


Hip Hop Artist

Kevin Henderson aka "KevlaR". Was born in 1985 in The Dalles OR. He moved more then 15 times before he was 11 years old. Growing up was in itself a trial. His mother and father fought everyday tell he was 15 tell they divorced.

In light of no home life, he did drugs and found his purpose in selling drugs and fighting. Many times he could've been killed. One time his throat was slit yet by the grace of God he didn't die. 


One day while getting high in a car there was "randomly" a Christian rap song on the CD mix they were listening to its was "what do you see" by The Ambassador from CrossMovement Records.

That moment in a instant had the faith that Christ was real and He really did die for his sins. The next day he was rapping about God. and his journey began. Years later he went to Bible college, and traveled the world rapping the Gospel.

He now uses his talent to try to reach the Battle rap community. His message remains Christ was crucified for sins, buried, and rose from the grave, therefore: repent and believe.


Christ Crucified and Resurrected. Therefore Repent and Believe.

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