John Collins


Pastor / World Leader

Pastor John Collins and the Bringing Back God Church knows that the most powerful and abundant, lasting gift you can give another human being is HOPE, a smile, and a non-judging helping hand. 

At Bringing Back God Church, you are Family. Pastor John Collins truly sees you, hears you and helps you, and does this based in scripture and without judging your current condition, choices, or lifestyle. 

Pastor John Collins is passionate about Christ, his scriptural knowledge is spoken with such heartfelt truth and articulation that it is undeniable of his dedication and time spent studying, learning and applying scripture. 

When you hear Pastor John Collins speak about scripture, it is very clear that he is a true believer and strives to be a better man every day, within those scriptural guidelines. And to help all he can every single day to heal their lives and teach them scriptural knowledge and how to bring God into their life or back into their life. 

Pastor John Collins was "called" and he answered. But not only that, he actually "stepped up", and works every day to make the world a better place for others. Many are struggling to find the light in their life, they have lost hope. I like to call Pastor John, Saint Hope or the King of Hope as there is never a time that he does not have some scriptural story or advice to bring HOPE to those who so desperately want to roll over and give up. Let Pastor John Collins be your lighthouse, come to the shores of the Bringing Back God Church and jump start your heart, your love for God by feeling the power and passion of Christ through the Sermons of Pastor John Collins. 

And hey, if you are in Bristol and hungry and cold, you may just find Pastor John Collins making you some eggs and inspiring your faith while you warm your tummy and your faith.