J. Liles

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Hip Hop Artist

J. Liles a Christian artist who makes Gospel centered music.

From around the age of 13 he began writing rap and poetry. As a young child he actually had a poem published.

Between the ages of 14 and 22 he continued writing and started recording using standard computer equipment (garbage).

He performed a dozen times or so and made connections with some "bigger names". He thought he was headed right where he wanted.

After a failed suicide attempt in 2011, he gave his life to Christ and as he grew in his faith his Muzik grew with him.

He believes he was given a gift of musical talent and he intends to use it to bring glory back to his Savior Jesus Christ and NOT to promote his name or glorify himself.

He does this in order to share the message within the music and promote Christ, ONE WAY: #ByHisGrace4HisGlory


G3 Muzik - Give God Glory

To contact J. Liles email him at TheRealJLiles@gmail.com