InderPaul Sandhu

East London, United Kingdom


Hip Hop Artist

Until about six years ago, InderPaul Sandhu was a product of the mean streets of East London. Growing up in love with the street he describes his former self as an unproductive member of society engaging in anti social behavior and criminal activity.

When he met Christ InderPaul Sandhu became active in outreach work with young people and those who find themselves in the prison system.

He then went on to run wild with his talent and love for old school hip hop delivering the good news with a funky fresh vibe full time. The occasional plot twist is thrown in when he hits you with his soothing and melodious vocals showing listeners another angle of himself. 

His stage presence is guaranteed to excite and make the sternest of faces crack with his effortless humor. 

He is currently working on his solo EP titled the "#iPaulEP". Expect this EP to have a dual flavor, where the rawness of hip hop shares the same stage as the peace of Worship.


Plot twists to be expected - #iPaulEP

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